About Us

Kompanion Media is a select team of independent digital specialists led by Benjamin Boman. As a team, we come together on a project-to-project basis and provide creative and digital marketing services to premium service professionals.

Four countries, one team

Networked across four different countries, Kompanion Media is a team of 6 digital domain specialists focused on helping professionals in the legal and real estate industries develop their online profiles.

Working on the ‘Hollywood Model’, the Kompanion team comes together on a project to project basis. Each member provides their unique skills and talents which are constantly under development inside the Kompanion team and outside.

Our unique approach allows our clients to leverage a range of independent digital talent with a single point of contact and cohesion.

What We Do

Our services are designed to help you build, redevelop, manage or grow your web presence. We can promote your expertise to your target audience.

Web Design

We build premium profile websites on WordPress for scalability and ease-of-use.


We create polished brand assets and logos, compelling and SEO optimised copy for websites and LinkedIn profiles.

Digital Marketing

Our team can take your message out to the market through SEO, content, social, PR and email channels.

Our Values

Our values drive our team and conduct. They guide how we operate our business,  dealing with clients.

By sharing our values openly, we hope to work with clients who both share and appreciate our point of view.

Be Human

Being human means being authentic, honest and real in how we deal with clients and how we communicate.


We are committed to quality in our individual professions. We believe our work is a representation of this commitment.

Process, Process, Process

Quality processes lead to consistent quality standards and also smooth, easy execution for both our team and clients.

Owner Think

Thinking like an owner means problem solving and planning for the future. Owner-think is part of every team member’s role, regardless of discipline.

Create Assets

In the work that we do, we aim to create sustainable business assets for our clients. We are not a churn-and-burn operation.


Caring is often an under-appreciated value. We believe it is essential to our craft, projects and client relationships and seek to integrate it into what we do and how we act.

Are we a match?

If you’re interested in working together with the Kompanion Media team for your next project, submit your information in the form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.